Growing from a place of strength

In 2020, the Global Community of Interaction Design will focus its gaze in a tiny country, with a population barely over 5 million inhabitants.

A small stage for such a massive event? Au contraire, Costa Rica’s strength does not lay in its size, nor its territory or population; it thrives in its capacity to inspire.

Our country inspires peace, environmental protection, and happiness. With 6% of the world’s biodiversity, it inspires design. From San José, ILA20 will open up space for a conversation around the impact of design in the Latin American region.

What is the role of design in our neighborhoods, cities, and among our people? Moreover, how can we design together, the future we want, so that every one of our countries reaches their maximum potential?

We will wait for you at this transcendental event that will inspire growth, brewed in a tiny place of high strength.

ILA20 Costa Rica

And ignited by the local IxDA team in San José

Sergio</br> Calvo Picture

Sergio Calvo

Celia</br> Altamirano Picture

Celia Altamirano

Fátima</br> Monge Picture

Fátima Monge

Gloriana</br> Omodeo Picture

Gloriana Omodeo

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Jason Gutiérrez

The current team consolidated around the coordination for the first World Interaction Design Day in 2018, which had an audience of 80 people. More than 200 design enthusiasts showed up to IxDD 2019! We have also organized two Interaction Redux, always with the intention of including Costa Rican voices and realities in the global conversations.
Our meetups, articles, and broadcastings on Instagram and Twitter help us keep the Chapter alive and going strong. However, what inspires us the most, are the conversations, job posting, and mentorships we share in the Facebook group we created to articulate our collective of professionals, students, and enthusiasts since 2015: UX Costa Rica.