Felipe Memória

Designer and founding partner at Work & Co, a global product design and development agency

Our Discipline

Friday, 16 of November - 10:00h

Our world tends to think and talk a lot about trends. But ironically, the definition of `good design` hasn’t wavered — for decades. It’s endured across disciplines that predated digital design, such as architecture, graphic design and product design. The reason? They focus on qualities that are everlasting. In his talk, Felipe will shed light on the common thread shared by the most successful digital products the world uses every day. He’ll also share his personal journey drawing on the past to inform digital design, and how this has influenced Work & Co’s work for Virgin America, the Smithsonian, Oi and others.


Founding Partner of Work & Co. Lead designer of acclaimed products for Virgin America, TED, CNN, HBO GO and Eurosport. Winner of 30+ industry awards including two Cannes Lions. Hired and mentored 100+ designers. Author of Design Para a Internet, published in Brazil in 2005.