Marc Stickdorn


How to facilitate co-creative journey mapping workshops

Thursday, 15 of November - 14:00h

In this (very) interactive workshop Marc shares how to facilitate co-creative journey mapping workshops. In small workgroups, you will be guided through various exercises of creating personas, system maps (stakeholder maps, value network maps, ecosystem maps), and journey maps. You will learn the differences between assumption-based and research-based maps, current-state and future-state maps, journey maps and service blueprints, customer and employee journey maps, but also create emotional journeys and dramatic arcs. Moreover, Marc will tell many examples how he used these tools in various projects and get loads of tips and tricks how to do such co-creative workshops for clients or within your own organization with multi-disciplinary teams from different backgrounds and hierarchy levels.

Service Design & Organisational Change: How to bring service design in startups and multinationals

Friday, 16 of November - 12:00h

Since Marc talked the first time about service design at the ISA 2013, service design established itself as a now wide-spread approach to innovate services, customer experiences, but als employee or citizen experiences. In his talk, Marc will briefly outline service design for those new to it, but then discuss how you can embed service design sustainably in organistions from small start-ups to large multi-nationals. He will share examples from his experience in consulting large organisations on how to bring service design in their organisations, but also from his own venture of building a software company on the principles of service design.


Marc is Co-founder and CEO of \\\"More than Metrics\\\", a company creating software for service design, such as Smaply and ExperienceFellow. With a background in strategic management and service design, he also consults organizations on how to sustainably embed service design in their structures, processes, and culture. He published the award-winning books “This is Service Design Thinking” (2010), “This is Service Design Doing” (2018), and “This is Service Design Methods” (2018). Marc regularly speaks at conferences on service design and entrepreneurship and teaches service design at various universities and executive education programs. If Marc is not working, he loves traveling with a backpack or in his VW van, going on a sailing trip, or riding his motorcycle.