Dave Malouf


Designing your operations of your design team

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August - 14:00h

In this workshop, you will learn * What is DesignOperations and the components that make it up? * Why is it important to be intentional about your operations? * How to evaluate your current operational model? * How to improve your team operations? * How to blueprint your future operations?\\\"

DesignOps: Getting your team to great through operations

Saturday, 17 of November - 11:00h

Designers know their craft, their methods and their process. What design leaders now need to do is focus on how design teams operate. From how to hire to how to work with stakeholders, DesignOps when applied correctly and designed intentionally will improve the overall quality of your team\\\\\\\'s designs. Great operations focuses on making designing quality the focus of your team. Increasing & optimizing collaboration, coordination, research impact, etc.


Dave is an interaction designer with close to 20 years experience designing at the cross-roads of technology, people and business. Currently, Dave is working on a new startup, called Peer Loft.

Dave’s zeal for studio work environment is also the focus of his teaching and consulting work that he is doing while Peer Loft is getting off the ground. As Dave Malouf Design, Dave helps organizations create the right culture, space, and skills to take their technology design needs to the next level. Dave is also one of the primary founders and the first Vice President of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA).