Rama Gheerawo

Director of The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

Design to Make a Difference: inclusive design and interactions

Saturday, 17 of November - 18:00h

Do you ever think about how you can make a positive difference in the world and effect real social change? Rama Gheerawo has dedicated his life to this, using his chosen profession of design to enable this work. Design is one of the most powerful professions and essential in making you more creative. It can change the world for the better and address some of the biggest challenges we face in healthcare. Rama Gheerawo will share inspiring stories and outline challenges drawing on two decades of experience working in inclusive design. The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art that he leads has completed nearly 280 projects with organisations such as Samsung, Panasonic and Sony as well as third sector organisations and governments across the world. Rama’s lecture will show how interaction designers can benefit from a people-centred design approach. Projects will look at a range of interaction and UX projects from chatbots, interfaces and vocal accessibility with companies from around the globe.


He was recently named one of 2018’s Creative Leaders by Creative Review. He is an international figure within design, business and innovation with nearly two decades of experience in Design Thinking and Inclusive Design. He is a serial innovator in the fields of technology, products, services and transport with over 100 projects to his name. He works across government, industry and the public sector with a major client list that includes Samsung, Toyota, Panasonic, Sony, Arthritis Research UK and the UK and Hong Kong governments – training around 500 civil servants for the latter on creativity and leadership. He co-lead a redesign of the London taxi, currently one of the most significant projects on the globe and has instigated and delivered ground-breaking work across a variety of sectors.